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Prior to staying with Apartments on Connor, please read these Terms & Conditions carefully, which govern your stay and your interactions with Apartments on Connor. By booking a reservation with Apartments on Connor, you automatically, expressly & irrevocably agree to the following:


1. You and each member of the booking party, agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions contained herein, and;

2. You as the booker, agree to provide Apartments on Connor with a photo of your valid Australian Proof of Identification upon request, or if you are travelling from overseas, your valid National Passport, along with a legible photograph of the debit or credit card used to book your reservation at Apartments on Connor, containing at least the last four digits of the card and the name on the card which must match your form of identification.


AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW: Apartments on Connor complies with Australian Consumer Law.​


DISCLAIMER: Apartments on Connor (Coby Lee Beel T/A Apartments on Connor) is in no way associated with M&A Apartments Pty Ltd which operates M&A Apartments, the residential letting business and Management Rights holder. Apartments on Connor is its own separate business, managing numerous, individually owned, short term properties as the agent and licensee. Apartments on Connor manage these apartments which are located within the M&A (McLaughlan & Ann) Building on 25 Connor Street, Fortitude Valley, from their registered business address, located at 76 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006.​

M&A FOYER RECEPTION FOR RESIDENTS: The M&A Reception within the foyer through the main entrance doors, is not inclined to answer our guest's questions or assist in any way. Please do not seek assistance from the M&A Reception Staff, but instead contact Coby Lee Beel (business owner) on 0447 303 019 for assistance throughout your stay. Although we operate off-site, we have measures in place to see that our guests are looked after and questions answered in a timely manner throughout their stay. If we don't pick up the phone immediately, we may be on another call - please leave a voice or text message and we will return your call the moment we are off the phone. We are often within or close to the building throughout the day, tending to cleaning and maintenance issues within our many other apartments.​


CONTACT DURING STAY: Please contact Coby Lee Beel on mobile 0447 303 019 for any matters during your stay. 

CHECK-IN: Check-in is open from 2pm; however, please request earlier check-ins with at least one day's notice. If we have enough time to arrange this, subject to availability, we will always do our best to accommodate early check-in requests where we have the ability.​


CHECK-OUT: Our check-out time is strictly at 10am, unless previously confirmed in writing by Apartments on Connor. Please email to request a later check-out time. Late check-outs incur additional fees as follows and are subject to availability: 

$25 from 10am to 12pm  |  $50 from 12pm to 2pm  |  $75 from 2pm to 4pm  |  A full night rate after 4pm. 


CASH PAYMENT: We do not have the means to accept any cash payment - all payment must be made in advance and at the time due, subject to the booking terms. Payment can be made only by credit card or direct deposit.


CARD FEES: A credit card surcharge applies to all credit card transactions: 1.5% for VISA, MasterCard and Amex.


DIRECT DEPOSIT: Please contact Apartments on Connor prior to booking to request payment to be made via direct deposit. Payment must be in our account by the payment due date.

OUR RIGHT TO EVICT WITHOUT ANY NOTICE, REGARDLESS OF LENGTH OF STAY: Apartments on Connor manage privately owned, short-term holiday accommodation dwellings; we do NOT offer any permanent tenancies, under any circumstance, regardless of the length of stay that you book, or length of stay that you have extended your booking on for. By booking and staying in one of Apartments on Connor's apartments, you are consenting and agreeing to this understanding, and acknowledge that you will not be regarded as a permanent tenant, nor treated as a permanent tenant; you are a short-term holiday guest, and as such, we do not have to give any notice to any guest if we are no longer willing to have them reside in the property booked, for any reason that we deem appropriate to require you to leave.  We have the right to utilise assistance from the QLD Police to remove any guest that refuses to leave when asked. 

NOISE CURFEW/NO PARTY POLICY/KEY LOCK-OUT FEE/KEY & CAR PASS LOSS: All Apartments on Connor guests MUST adhere to the M&A Building's No Party Policy and 10pm Noise Curfew which is strictly enforced by M&A's patrolling security every night of the week and throughout weekends.  


Parties - We do not allow parties and any amount of people with loud levels of music, especially after 10pm and/or the balcony door left open and loud noise on the balcony, such as yelling and music, will NOT be tolerated. M&A residents who make up 90% of the building have the right to call security or Police if they are disturbed. The security has the right to issue a fine of $100 for any noise callouts they attend - a total loss of bond will apply if security have been unsuccessful in receiving this payment from the guest listed on the booking immediately. If security have to attend one more time there will be an immediate eviction with total loss of bond and no refund. We have these strict and enforced measurements in place to protect the M&A Building's residents who should not have to put up with excessive noise, and fellow Apartments on Connor guests who are entitled to a peaceful stay as well.

Lock-outs - A call-out fee of $200 will apply for room lock-outs where the keys have been accidentally locked inside the apartment; security will have to attend if this happens at night, to unlock your room and confirm your identity. If this happens throughout the day, you will need to phone Apartments on Connor on 0447 303 019 and we may be able to assist, free of charge, if nearby. Unfortunately, as M&A Apartments and the M&A Security are separate to our business Apartments on Connor, we cannot get this fee refunded if you do have to get security unlock your room.​

Losing Keys or Car Passes - Unfortunately, we have to pay a hefty fee if any keys are not returned to your apartment's letterbox upon your checkout, as we have to get new keys arranged to be cut through M&A. If you do accidentally lose your keys or car pass, we charge our guests the cost to us to have these ordered through M&A - charges are as follows and payable on check out: 1x Apartment Key $50  1x Fob $50  1x Car Pass $95  1x key tag $20


SMOKING POLICY: Apartments on Connor has a strict "no smoking policy" inside all of their apartments with no exceptions. If the balcony sliding door is closed guests may smoke on the outside balconies, but not within the apartments that have an "alfresco" or enclosed balcony. If staying inside the alfresco layouts please smoke outside of the building or advise Apartments on Connor at the time of booking so as we can allocate an outside balcony for your stay, subject to availability. When you arrive, we are not able to change your room in most cases so it is imperative to advise Apartments on Connor at the very latest, within 24 hours of arrival.​

PET-STAY BOOKINGS: Pet requests MUST be confirmed in writing by Apartments on Connor PRIOR to any booking made for a pet stay, as we need to send a photo of the pet, along with registration records and vaccination proof to the Body Corporate of the building to be approved, providing the conditions are met. We also MUST confirm that you are able to be booked into a pet-friendly room and that we have the availability to do so - failure to notify us of a pet accompanying you may result in a total loss of bond and potentially additional fees if the room requires additional cleaning due to most of our rooms not allowing pets.​ Our Pet Policy is Stated Below:

1. Pet MUST be approved in writing PRIOR to booking with Apartments on Connor. You can email: and we will check availability for your dates. Failure to receive prior approval of availability will result in cancellation if we cannot allocate you a pet-friendly apartment. Cancellation may incur a cancellation fee, as per your booking terms.


2. Only one or two small dogs (under 15kgs each) may occupy an apartment that is pet-friendly and approved in advance, provided that the below conditions are met;​


3. Photo of your pet must be sent through with your pet-stay enquiry email, along with council registration papers and vaccine records;​


4. Pet must be up to date with worming medication and flea treatment;​


5. Pet must be restrained by a leash or held while walking through the common areas such as through the foyer, in the level corridors and in the lifts; ​


6. Pet must be of a good nature and not aggressive or a constant barker (continuous noise disruptions, if reported, may result in your reservation having to be cut short), and must not scratch furniture or carpet;​


7. Pet MUST be toilet trained - in the case of an unforeseen and out of character "accident" on the carpets, it is essential to notify Apartments on Connor' straight away as we may be able to prevent stains or odours and limit the cost for the guest if the area is treated straight away by carpet steam cleaning;​


8. Pets are not permitted on the Level 3 BBQ and Pool Area;​


9. Guests will be liable for, but not limited to, the $250 bond for pet damage if carpet stains and/or odours cannot be removed, or if the furniture or carpet has been scratched and damaged or any other damage related to the pet occurring.

10. A one-off pet departure cleaning fee for a mandatory pest treatment and carpet cleaning of $80 is payable prior to arrival. ​

EXTRA BEDS/BEDDING: All apartments at Apartments on Connor are furnished with one queen bed in each room. Unfortunately, we do not have additional beds or cots available to hire. Our 1 bedroom apartments have a maximum capacity of 2x people. Our 2 bedroom apartment has a maximum capacity of 4x people.

PARKING: Upon request, one parking bay is included for free for direct bookers who book through our website, over the phone or by email (generally priced at $25). Subject to availability, an additional parking bay may be hired at a weekly rate of $25 p/week. 


CANCELLATION POLICY: All booking payments are due in full, 5 days prior to arrival - cancellations must be received by 2pm, 5 days prior to arrival. Cancellations within 5 days prior to arrival are non-refundable but a credit note may be applied at Apartments on Connor's sole discretion. Cancellations with more than 5 days of notice means that no payment is taken and no fees apply.

SECURITY BOND/PRE-AUTHORISATION/ID VERIFICATION: All reservations require a $200 credit card pre-authorisation (security bond) due the day of arrival. Pet-stay bookings require a $250 credit card pre-authorisation. If staying for longer than 5 nights, the security bond will be taken as a payment and refunded upon departure after the apartment has been cleaned and checked. We may require new booker's to send a photo of their ID through, along with a photo of the front of the card you have made the booking with, showing the name and at least the last 4 digits of the card. We need to confirm that the person booking is the person named on the card that is making payment. ​


ADDITIONAL CHARGES TO YOUR BOND: Apartments on Connor reserves the right to charge any amount to your bond and fees in excess of your bond, should there be damages or excessive cleaning required to return the apartment to its original condition prior to your stay. Should the extra charges liable to be paid by the guest, decline when trying to charge, Apartments on Connor reserves the right to take all action necessary to recover all charges owing by the guest.

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